The last shipment in 2022 of BHWH

On December 29th, 2022, the shipment of 1 container of 40 feet hi-cube including the following items: carpets, lampshades, rattan chairs, bamboo tables and chairs, bamboo curtains… left Hai Phong port to the customer of BHWH in Canada – one of our potential markets for handicraft products, where customers always prioritize environmentally friendly products. 

Placemats / Coasters

 From the last shipment looking to 2022 

 2022 is a tumultuous year for not only Vietnam but the whole world. The unstable political situation and signs of economic crisis have led to many difficulties for businesses. Declining orders and unemployed workers are visible signs of many businesses, handicraft-specialized firms are no exception. 

 However, with the original orientation of the founder, it is not only to bring revenue and profit to the company, but also to create jobs for hundreds of craftsmen in craft villages in Vietnam; BHWH still makes constant efforts to introduce handicraft products, created by skilled hands of Vietnamese people, to international friends. Not only promoting economic trade between regions in Vietnam, between Vietnam and the world; The most important thing is to ensure economic life and livelihood for people in Vietnamese craft villages. 

 From the last shipment, look at the issue of environmental protection 

 Environmental protection is currently one of the leading topics of concern today, in both political and socio-economic fields. World Environment Day 2022, taking place on June 5, 2022 in Switzerland with the theme “Only One Earth”, has raised the message of protecting the environment and building a sustainable and harmonious lifestyle with nature. Since its establishment, BHWH has always followed that environmental protection orientation. 

 Raw materials such as rattan, bamboo, sedge… of BHWH are harvested from rural areas of Vietnam with the best quality. The process of turning those raw materials into baskets, carpets, tables and chairs… by the hands of people in craft villages in Hanoi, Ninh Binh… of Vietnam not only brings a better livelihood for people, helping to stabilize the socio-economic situation but also having great value in environmental protection, bringing the image of a peaceful Vietnam with products from nature and environmentally friendly. 

 BHWH with the motto “By hand with heart” – in 2023 will also try non-stop, bringing customers handicraft products with the best price, highest quality and of course the best enthusiasm! 

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