Bamboo and rattan furniture: ‘Enchanting’ the beautiful living space

Are you looking for a piece of bamboo and rattan furniture for your space to find the simplicity but still extremely luxurious? Explore the decorating ideas below to embrace new design trends.
In recent years, bamboo and rattan are gradually making a comeback in modern interior design. Close, natural and luxurious, bamboo and rattan furniture has become the choice of many families.
But do you know what clouds are? Rattan is a wild vine that can grow up to 200m in length. It is found in dense rainforests, then split, sliced, spun and flattened before woven into an exquisite piece of furniture.
Bamboo and rattan today are used a lot in modern life and are no longer just for lovers of classic style. It is possible to list a variety of bamboo and rattan furniture such as shelves, tables and chairs, beds, cabinets… to rattan baskets, flower arrangements or lovely rugs.
Besides, bamboo and rattan are also combined with other materials such as copper, iron, silk fabric, mattress… to create unique and luxurious decorative interior products. Using them in daily life as well as interior decoration will bring a sense of excitement and dispel all the gloomy atmosphere in your home.
Explore the decorating ideas below to choose the best bamboo and rattan furniture for yourself.
Wooden cabinet combined with rattan
Improved on refined metal construction, the small cabinet is simply designed with two sliding doors, firmly framed by oak. With multi-function, this cabinet can be placed in the living room, bedroom or bathroom.

The contrast between the black interior and the copper color makes the cabinet an impressive and innovative piece of decoration. This rattan teak cabinet shows the mystery and luxury in interior design. Black color has really created a great highlight for traditional spaces with a subtle look that creates a soothing harmony.

The small cabinet is versatile and light so you can move it anywhere you like. They are used to hold cups or small objects in your household. At a glance, the cabinet looks like a small wooden box, but it stands out with the red paint on the rattan door. All materials are aimed at environmental friendliness.

The uniqueness of the cabinet below comes from the oval design, attached to the doors decorated with small rattan strips. Special furniture along with contemporary style living room create an elegant and perfect space.

With a design of three doors made from wood and rattan, it creates a modern version of the old handmade bamboo and rattan technique. Perfectly integrated in a contemporary decor, this piece of furniture offers a harmonious and light design.

The set of cabinets and rattan lamps filled with sunlight and the green color of trees are typical images from a long time ago. Orange-brown or blue-colored walls make the furniture stand out even more.
The uniqueness of this wooden cabinet comes from the height of its legs. With the design so that either door can slide open, you can fully display your favorite items here.

A rattan cabinet in the corner of the room can help you neatly arrange small decorations or simply store the family’s lovely dishes. With a tall and neat design, surely this cabinet will help save maximum space for your home.

Lights combined with rattan
With a modern home space, bamboo and rattan lamps become a prominent highlight with the difference and newness. You or anyone else will feel the rustic, simple but strangely close beauty of the rattan lamp.
Rattan armchair
The family living room will become more elegant with the appearance of a rattan armchair combined with the soft material of velvet fabric.

Add a smooth sofa and modern version of thin rattan to highlight the space in the most natural way

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